Sunday, 29 June 2014

Revival bread

In Andrew Whitely's  Do Sourdough he describes the seven days of bread -

Day 1 - Fresh
Day 2 - Sandwich
Day 3 - Toast
Day 4 - Bruschetta
Day 5 - Crisp breads
Day 6 - Croutons
Day 7 - Breadcrumbs

The point being that even stale bread has its uses and one should try one's best not to waste any of it. Croutons are a great idea, but I now have a further recommendation from James Morton's Brilliant Bread. - Revival Bread ( though I like his alternative name - frugal bread). If you find a 150g hunk of old bread remaining,  tear it into chunks and soak in 300ml of water and put it in the fridge overnight. The next day add it to 350g strong white flour to which you have added a teaspoon of salt and quick action yeast (or one of those sachets). Bring it together and prove and bake using your favourite method. I found the dough a little stiff this morning so I would experiment with the amount of water, or I think I may add a ladle or two of starter next time. I also whizzed up my soaker in a food processor but I guess it will depend on what sort of bread you have soaked as to whether it will mush up without the aid of a blender. 

Simple idea. 


  1. I love the 7 days of (sough dough) bread and have been following this, not knowingly though - the only bit I miss it the last very last one - breadcrumbs, its tends to go to the birds by then.

  2. Well this bread was a success and I will certainly be using my left over crusts to make this revival bread again.

  3. Hello Ray,
    I read your previous blog comment that noone reads your blog any more, i found the same to be the case when i returned after starting the veggie cafe, but some returned. I don't have the same presence as I did when I lived in Scotland, but part of that is the blogging world has changed to one of PR bloggers, but I would not let that discourage you. If your ready to return for yourself, then do so - you will find a reader in me.